Meet Our Fit Specialists

Our Fit Specialists

Our staff have extensive training in the proper fitting of shoes.
Meet the folks who are here to take care of your feet!


I am proud to say that I have been a part of the Ted’s community for more than eight years now. And I take pride in our level of commitment to finding the perfect fit for every foot.

Though I have been on staff for a number of years, every day is a new and exciting experience that requires me to keep improving my skills as a fit specialist. With our focus on fitting shoes and building long-lasting relationships with our customers, Ted’s is an incredible place to work.

I see fitness as a necessary part of my daily life. Whether I am on a training ride on my road bike, in the woods on the mountain bike, or on a run with friends or coworkers, fitness is a passion and a lifestyle for me.  I am lucky enough to work at a place where my passion can help others build a passion or stay healthy and fit. This is what makes going to work so fun and exciting.


thomasMy name is Thomas Paquette. I am a graduate of Keene State College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. As a former collegiate runner, a collegiate cross country/track coach, and an exercise instructor, it has been nothing but an amazing experience being part of the team at Ted’s Shoe & Sport.

As a fitness enthusiast, it is a passion of mine to share my experiences and knowledge with each and every customer, especially when it comes to running and footwear! Connecting with customers on a personal level is always fun and extremely important to me. It is with that passion that I hope to instill long-lasting relationships with our customers at Ted’s!



I started working at Ted’s in late August of 2015. I haven’t been here the longest, but I’ve certainly gained a vast amount of knowledge about shoes and customer service!

I am a senior at Keene State College in the athletic training program. I was a multi-sport athlete throughout middle and high school and a former college athlete at Keene State; running has always been an important part of my life.

I’ve always wanted to work at place where I could use my education in the body and its mechanics  to ensure a proper fit in shoes for customers and athletes. Working at Ted’s Shoe and Sport lets me help customers, not only with proper shoe fit, but also proper body mechanics and injuries they may face in their sport.

Ted’s is unlike another running store. We demand top-of-the-line customer service from ourselves day in and day out. I’m been very lucky to work at such a great place with even better people.


aliI’m the resident shoe-, running-, and baking-enthusiast at Ted’s Shoe and Sport. When I’m not training to run absurd distances, making the best chocolate chip cookie you’ve ever had, sweating it out at Body & Soul Personalized Fitness, or poring over my nursing textbooks, you can find me at Ted’s, big smile and all.

That’s one of the best things about the store — I guarantee you’ll leave almost as chipper as me!  

The difference with Ted’s  Shoe and Sport is that we all genuinely want to be here. I want to help other people find a shoe that makes their endorphins buzz, or help someone find their soulmate in a sock (it can happen!), or make your feet do their happy dance after spending 12 hours a day standing. I really enjoy working at Ted’s because our store contributes in so many ways to this community and I love helping the people around me.

If you’re thinking this all sounds too good to be true, well, you’re wrong… but come on down and test it our for yourself! You won’t leave disappointed.


image1In 2013, I was enrolled in the marketing program at Keene High School. Through the program, I had an opportunity to do an internship with Ted’s for “real world experience.”

As an intern, I spent hours researching shoes, studying various feature benefit charts, and learning how to properly fit shoes to any-size foot. Once I was certified to work with customers, I finally found my niche: customer Service.

Three years later, I am business management major at Keene State College. My first managerial course taught me that customer service, whether for existing, new, or potential customers, needed to be at the heart of a good business model. Here at Ted’s Shoe and Sport, we welcome you with service, cater to your specific needs with our deep knowledge, and help you get what you want. And we give an incredible guarantee that we stand by 100% — the promise that our shoes will fit every time!

I aspire to travel around the world and advocate for the importance of delivering quality service to every business. And then, one day, to take my knowledge and experience to start a business of my own!

Enough about me. I want to learn more about you! Come on down to Ted’s Shoe and Sport and let our team help you better your life!

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