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It’s that time of year again. Leaves are changing colors, the air is crisp, everything is pumpkin flavored and…’s starting to get dark. Dark in the morning, dark in the evening. It’s just plain dark. 

No matter how much we try to deny it summer is over, autumn is here and it brings with it a whole new set of considerations for running, not the least of which is learning to run in the dark. If you are an early riser (and by early we mean before 7am, which come on, the day is half over by then!) you have probably found yourself with limited visibility on the road when you go for a run. If you found or fell back in love with running during the lockdown and want to keep it up through the long night then you’ll want to have the right gear to see and be seen. 

We recommend the following: 

A headlamp – the most basic piece of equipment you can invest in. It will light your way and help cars see you coming. We have several to choose from that are rechargeable or battery operated.

Reflective vests – these are easily adjustable to be worn on top of anything. They will not light your way but they will definitely light you up when cars come your way. Think about the last time you were driving and saw someone on the side of the road at the last second and thought “why weren’t they wearing something brighter?”

Reflective lights – these magnetic, blinking lights can be put on anything. Your pants, your shirt, your hat, your dog, anything. We cannot stress enough, the more reflective items you wear the better you will be seen!

If you like to carry your phone for music or safety reasons we have reflective arms bands and reflective waist pouches to carry it in. This time of year most cold weather or winter running gear has additional reflective striping which won’t do on its own but will be a nice compliment to your other items. 

You really can’t overdo it with lights or reflective items this time of year. You may end up looking like a Christmas tree running down the road but at least you will be a seen Christmas tree! Don’t hesitate to stop in to see what we have and ask us any questions! We are committed to finding you all the right gear for your activities! 

Now if you will excuse us, it’s time for our pumpkin latte with our pumpkin muffin and a side of pumpkin bread.


Your footwear is an extension of your body. No one knows this better than Ted McGreer, owner of Ted’s Shoe & Sport in Keene. As a passionate athlete, with years of experience in triathlons, ski racing, and competitive cycling, his retail mission has always been to help people stay active and healthy, one step at a time.  It’s no wonder then that walkers, hikers, runners, track and field athletes as well as those looking for casual comfort shoes, have turned to Ted’s for the right products and more importantly, the right fit for the past 20 years.

A dedicated retailer, whose staff exudes product knowledge and top notch customer service, McGreer became a manufacturer of sorts in 2015 when he started development and testing to design and produce the TEDS2Run footbed. This high quality, over-the-counter orthotic, helps relieve a number of painful foot issues, such as plantar fasciitis, posterior tibial tendonitis, metatarsalgia, and Morton’s neuroma.

“The footwear industry doesn’t provide this type of underfoot support,” says McGreer.  “ Most often what you get in a shoe doesn’t support your arch, which, when done correctly, spreads pressure evenly around the foot, offloading pressure points, to establish better alignment from ankle to knee to hip.” Ask any foot doctor and they’ll tell you: proper alignment from the ground up promotes good posture, and helps balance.  

This year, McGreer returned to his manufacturing ways with the introduction of the new TedsRX footbed, a more advanced version of his original design, with adaptive arch support (a biomechanically-shaped moldable base ensuring support from the heel to the ball of the foot), natural flex to move with your feet, a fibrofirm arch support band providing additional structure, poron® cushioning (the best performance cushioning for impact absorption), and a heel cradle the optimizes your heel’s natural cushioning without causing heel slippage. For those with a high arch, low arch, or even no arch, this new footbed brings welcome relief.

“The medical community had asked for a more aggressive design in mind,” explains McGreer.  “After consulting with multiple doctors, we worked with the factory to develop multiple prototypes, and then spent a year testing it.” In the end, what he came up with is an OTC orthotic “thoroughbred,” one that makes getting out of the house and going to work without pain a reality.  This prescription strength insole was really missing in our industry, and our local foot doctors seem very excited to use this as a starting point for their patients.

“The new TedsRX gives me a tool to prescribe for my patients to help relieve pain, to provide support of the arthritic foot and to help rebalance the foot in order to improve alignment and gait.”

Dr Anna L Ruelle D.P.M.
Weeks Medical Center
Lancaster, NH


“I’ve started running again but my feet are killing me!”

“I went on a run with a friend and now my shins hurt!”

“My significant other and I have been walking more and now my heels ache”

Have you or someone you know uttered one of the above phrases? If so then contact the law offices of L..…just kidding! You aren’t entitled to any compensation but you are entitled to good footwear and that’s where we come in. 

COVID-19 has gotten people on their feet more and with that motion sometimes comes aches and pains. As you increase the time on your feet, whether it be walking or running, you want to make sure you are in the best shoe for you. When you come see us we will make sure we measure your feet and ask the right questions to find out how and where you will be using the shoes.

Finding something comfortable is our main goal but through our process we can narrow down the best style for your and the right features for your activity. We can also recommend additions to the shoes such as footbeds, socks or a fun pair of sunglasses (ok, those have nothing to do with your feet but who doesn’t like sunglasses?). 

From long-time runners/walkers to novices we can all experience discomfort now and then, trust us you are not alone in that. Our goal here is to address the issues to keep you moving forward and feeling good! So stop in, tell us your story and let’s talk about what you are looking for. We don’t have magic shoes but we do have a pretty awesome process to getting something comfortable on your feet!


Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Stay safe & stay healthy. 

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably seen our social media video detailing our reopening procedures for the days to come. This includes using the hand sanitizer provided at the door, helping yourself to a mask if you don’t have one (we will all be wearing one) & keeping physically distant from one another. 

We would like to share a few more details that weren’t provided in the video:

  • If you don’t have a mask & you would prefer not to wear one we are still happy to accommodate you just outside of the store. Please know that this doesn’t mean we won’t help you, we will simply alter our procedure to keep everyone involved safe.
  • The door off of our private parking lot will be our only entrance & the door on the Main Street side will be our only exit. If you need handicap accessibility we will accommodate you but for safety sake we will keep a one way street for entry & exit. 
  • If there are already six people in the store you will have to wait outside until someone leaves. You will notice orange markers on the sidewalk delineating spaces 6 feet apart where you can wait. 
  • Every shoe that is tried on will be disinfected. We have a spray that has been lab tested & will kill coronavirus!
  • For the time being please do not bring in your old shoes/sneakers for us to evaluate. We would be happy to look at pictures of your shoes if there is something of concern that you would like us to see but for everyone’s health please keep your old shoes at home. 

We are taking these measures to ensure the health of you, our customers, but also ourselves & our families. This is new territory for all of us so we ask for your patience as we navigate these strange waters. All of us here at Ted’s want to provide you with the same great level of service that you have come to know & expect. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about our process & remember we will still offer curbside pickup, free shipping & in-town delivery if you are not comfortable stopping in. 

Thank you so much for your support! We look forward to seeing you!

This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds…..


by Jess Harms
We have seen some ugly feet.  And we are referring, of course, to our own. Calluses, blisters, black toenails…as runners we have had our fair share of all of those. As people who spend their living working with feet, we are not immune to the issues we see walk into our store. But allow us to share with you one of our favorite remedies to sore feet: socks. 

That’s right, socks. You may have heard us utter the phrase “cotton is rotten” and when it comes to socks, we really mean it.  Whether you’re a runner, hiker, walker or someone who just really likes wearing shoes, socks are just as important when it comes to your foot health.  A good, moisture-wicking, well fitting pair of socks will do wonders.  

Take stock of your sock drawer and think about parting ways with your old, baggy, holey socks; they aren’t doing you any favors. A good pair of socks should hug your feet. The heel shouldn’t be wrapped somewhere around your ankle. Ideally, your socks also shouldn’t have any seams. Think about it, seams are just another place for a blister to occur. Also make sure that your sock comes higher than the collar of your shoe, otherwise you risk it slipping down into the shoe and causing more of the issues we are trying to prevent. 

A good pair of socks should be made up of a moisture wicking material. That could be a poly-nylon blend or it could be a nice merino wool or mohair. We are particular fans of the latter two because they will keep your feet moisture free year round. Yes, wool is even good in the summer (let’s break down some stereotypes!). Not to mention that wool is anti-microbial so it will keep the stink away too! The synthetic blends work really well too so if that makes you more comfortable, go for it! Good socks can change the game, we promise. We can’t promise they will make you run, walk, hike or work faster but we have faith that your feet will thank you all the same. 


by Thomas Paquette 

A lot has changed in our lives in the last two weeks. The many things we have taken for granted have been taken away from us, changed and altered. Amidst this chaos, there are aspects of our lives we can control, and that there is a finish line to these hard times. 

I have always found a moving body is a healthy body. An active mind is a healthy mind. Finding what is constant in your life is essential. Through these hard times, seek more of that constant. A constant for me is lacing up my running shoes everyday, and going for a run. But my “lacing up my shoes” may be your cracking open a new book, grabbing an instrument you have sitting in its case collecting dust, finding a new pattern to crochet, prying open the toy chest for the childhood board games, or starting a family puzzle. 

While we try and navigate through uncharted waters, I have found that my running seems to be the only “normal” part of my day. I have found that, more than ever, it has helped clear my mind, stay focused on the present, and not dwell on the uncontrollable. Running is a time for me to be closer to my faith, to appreciate more and more what I often overlook day to day. I encourage you to find something in your life that does the same.

“Time is a monster that cannot be reasoned with. It responds like a snail to our impatience, then it races like a gazelle when you can’t catch your breath.”  Seek what makes you feel alive, and don’t be afraid to challenge your body and mind. It will be a rewarding distraction during these unprecedented times. Times that seem to be forever. Let me reassure you there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and the tape is waiting to be broken at the finish line.


Home with the kids? Need more activities for Arts & Crafts class? Look no further!!

Presenting the Ted’s Shoe & Sport Coloring Book! (A Shoe-per duper coloring book for all!)

Print out as many pages as you like, and get coloring! Don’t miss the blank page at the end with a special challenge! When you’re done, Email us your finished artwork, so we can print them for our windows!

All final page submissions will be entered to win a grand prize of a NEW PAIR OF SNEAKERS! Wooohoo!


To our Customers, Friends & Community,

On this day 20 years ago, we put the keys in our doors and began our journey, otherwise known as TEDS.  This weekend 20 years later, we had big plans for a large celebration to thank all of you – our friends and customers. Many of you have been there since day one, and you’re still with us today.  

Two weeks ago it was clear we would not be able to hold our 20th Anniversary event as COVID-19 began to spread across the world,  region and our state.

As a small business owner, and member of the Keene community, I’ve made another hard, yet important decision to do what I feel is best for our store; keep our staff, customers, and community safe.

Effective immediately, Ted’s will be temporarily closing our retail store for two weeks. We will plan on reopening on April 3rd, but will reasses as needed.  In our 20 years of being open, this was one of the hardest decisions we have had to make.  Please know, it could also be one of our most important decisions for our community.

It is our mission to serve our community for another 20+ years, and we want to look back and know that we did our part to keep our community safe.  
In celebration of our 20th anniversary during our temporary closure with any online gift sale purchase of $100.00 or more you will get $20.00 in-store credit to use at the same time. 

 Keep moving – we are still here for curbside pick up orders and offering free shipping on any orders. You can see most of what is in store by visiting: 

If you are looking for something just call me anytime, even if you just want to talk! 603-357-8337 or

We look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks and thank you for all the continued support.