Why Shop Ted's?

At Ted’s Shoe and Sport, we go the extra mile to achieve the perfect fit for every foot. Our staff is podiatrist-trained, with specialized knowledge of foot biomechanics. We know how to achieve a fit that balances comfort with support.

Footbed Solutions

Movement adds stress upwards of 3x to 5x your body weight in impact forces per step orstride. If the feet aren’t supported correctly, unstable movement can lead a whole host of foot health issues. We have the solution: Custom Footbeds.

Fit Specialists

We at Ted’s Shoe & Sport are determined to carry only the best brands and that the shoes you buy will function and fit your needs perfectly. That’s why we offer you our “Perfect Fit” Guarantee. Meet our fully-trained Fit Specialists!

News & Events

At Ted's Shoe & Sport we are committed to our community. Learn about upcoming events such as road races, athletic attractions, and even sales here at Ted's! Every month we'll be adding events, so check back often!